Mrs. Esther Black 

Stillwater Valley News
December 10, 1938 (?)

Mrs. Esther Black Dies Wednesday

Mrs. Esther Deeter Black, wife of Rev. Ira Black, passed away Wednesday morning at the hospital in Kokomo, Ind., after an illness of one year, during which everything was done for her recovery but to no avail and death called her at the age of thirty years.

Mrs. Black was a talented and much beloved woman and her kindly interest and consideration for others endeared her to a large circle of loyal friends. She was graduated from the Bradford High School with the class of 1923(?) and in 1928 completed her work at Miami University after which she received her Master's Degree from the Columbia University in 1932. She is survived by her devoted husband, her mother, Mrs. Mary D. Deeter, three sisters, Mrs. Arthur Zimmerman of Fort Wayne, Ind., Mrs. Ralph Atherton of North Bend, Ind., Miss Helen Deeter, member of the Greenville High School Faculty and one brother, George Deeter at home. One baby son, Guy Gilbert, aged one month, preceded her in death about a year ago and her father, Jacob Deeter also preceded her in death.

Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock in Kokomo, Ind., and interment will be made in the Kokomo Cemetery.

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