Jeremiah D. Frey

Stillwater Valley News
December 20, 1937

Jeremiah D. Frey was born near Covington, Ohio, on Sept. 10, 1872. He died Dec. 13, 1937, aged 65 years, 3 months and 23 days. In the Spring of 1893 he was stricken with a dread disease which left him a hopeless invalid.

In this earthly pilgrimage there comes to us trouble and sorrow which at times we feel is too heavy to bear. At the early age of 21 the life of the deceased was shadowed and he was left to spend 44 years in this dark and gloomy atmosphere. But while we do not understand it all, we know that God is in his heavens beckoning to us to carry on and thus we will be rewarded according to his riches in Glory with Christ everlasting.

In his departure he leaves one brother and six sisters. His father, mother, two brothers, and four sisters have gone on before.

"There is never a cross so heavy
But God can make it bright
And unto the soul that trusts Him
He giveth rest in the night.
There is never a path so hidden
But God can lead the way
If we seek the Spirit's guidance
And patiently wait and pray.

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