Stillwater Valley News
January 1, 1932

Abijah J. Coate

On the first day of May, 1845, there was born in the home of Joshua and Adila Coate, near Dayton, Ohio, a son to whom the name of Abijah J. was given. This babe grew into manhood and after a long and useful life of more than four score years died near the close of the year and in the evening of the day on December 27th, 1931, having lived a little more than eighty-six and one-half years. In his boyhood days, Abijah Coate came to Miami County with his parents and with them lived until the days of his early manhood in the old Coate homestead situated about two miles north of what is now the village of Ludlow Falls, which is still in the possession of members of the family. By virtue of his birth he became a member of the Religious Society of Friends and from choice in mature years he remained in deepened interest in that fellowship during all the years of his long, active life, giving unreservedly in his devotion to it his time, his influence, his energies and his resources. He was united in marriage with Almeda Coppock, daughter of Benjamin and Esther Coppock, on December 23rd, 1863. Within a few days over two years death removed this companion of his youth, but two children, Clara A., now the widow of the late Wm. Coppock , and David Orland, were left to comfort him. On August 13th, 1867, he was married to Mary M. Coate, daughter of Josiah and Sarah Coate, with whom he was destined to live only a few brief years, but during which time a son, Alvin T., was born into the home. Then again the home was broken by a visit of the death angel, Mary Coate having died in January, 1871.  Another home was established when on August first, 1872, he was married to Susannah Lawrence, daughter of Joseph and Maria Lawrence. Into this home three children, Bertha, Leonard J. and Ethel, were born. The former is now Bertha Coppock, wife of Fred Coppock and the latter is now Ethel Douglas, wife of Robert Douglas. The wife Susannah, lived and shared with him the common experiences of life until April 10th, 1921, when she too was taken by death. From then until his decease he lived in the homes of his children where a cordial welcome always awaited him. During the long illness of almost a year, in which he was a constant, but patient, sufferer he remained in the home of his daughter Bertha Copp ock and her husband. He is survived by all the children born into the three respective homes together with seventeen grandchildren and twenty-one great grand children.

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