Stillwater Valley News
February 13, 1930
Veteran Railroad Man Passes Away Tuesday Morning
Short Illness Fatal To Aged Bradford Resident.  Served Long Term With Pennsylvania Railroad.
Aaron Scott Brubaker, age 77 years and 30 months, passed away at his home at 3:45 o'clock Tuesday morning after a brief illness.  Mr. Brubaker had not been well all winter and became sick Sunday evening and passed away Tuesday morning.  He is a retired veteran of the Pennsylvania Railroad after serving them for forty-seven years.  He has been an active member of the Presbyterian Church for many years and at the time of his death was acting as deacon of the Church.  After living in this community for over fifty years, Mr. Brubaker was a much respected citizen and his death came as a shock to his many friends.  He leaves a widow and two sons, Carland Roscoe, and a baby grand-daughter.
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