Western Spy

November 2, 1811

GANO, DOCTOR ISAAC E. - Departed this life, on Saturday the 8th inst. at the house of his brother-in-law, Capt. Jno. Price, in Franklin county--Doctor Isaac E. Gano, in the 42d year of his age, for many years a citizen of Frankfort, Ky.  His remains were deposited in the family burial ground, attended by his children, a number of his relatives and friends, who by his death are deprived of a kind parent, an endearing connection; and a zealous friend--he was an early, adventurer to this country, and in many instances stepped forward in its defense--he was numbered among the wounded in St. Clair's defeat, and served on Wayne's campaign, which terminated the Indian war.  As a physician he was eminent and benevolent, and endowed with many of those virtues which do honor to the human heart--and as a christian, it is a source of pleasing reflection to his friends that in his last days he exhibited many tokens of a firm expectation of future happiness, through the interposition of our Savior.

Georgetown Telegraph

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