Troy Times - VETERAN - 1st Corporal of Co. E, 2d Nebraska Cavalry

January 1, 1863

There is a large blotch spot on a lot of this obituary and cannot be read.  The blank spots will indicate this.

FURNAS, WILLIAM E. - Died--At the Territorial Capitol, in Omaha, Nebraska, on Wednesday morning, December 17th, 1862, of Typhoid Fever, William E. Furnas, 1st Corporal of Co E, 2d Nebraska Cavalry, aged 16 years, 2 months and 4 days.  The deceased was a son of Col. R. W. Furnas, of Brownville, in this Territory, and was a young man of more than ordinary promise.  Kind and genial in his disposition, he was a general favorite among his acquaintances, and with the company in which he belonged.  He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 12th or 13th of _____ or 1846, and removed to Nebraska with his father _________.  ______________ by trade, and established _______ wnville Advertiser about seven ________ son the subject of this notice, _______ practical printer and was among ________ kindly volunteered to aid us in putting ________ the President's Message, just ten _______.  As he stood by the case with the _____ of health upon his cheek and the buoyancy and ____ of youth just verging upon manhood, marking his every movement, who among those who stood by his side could have imagined that so soon we were to be called upon to lament his untimely death.  Endowed with a liberal education, and possessed of a literary turn of mind he was in correspondence with several of the juvenile papers of east; and his productions gave promise of future celebrity, in the walks of Literature.--But the Angel of Death, who loves a shining mark, singled him out from his comrades, and he has been called from among us.  Col. Furnas, his father, we have known since the days of our boyhood.  While he was an apprentice to the printing business in the county town of Miami county, Ohio, we were learning the same business only eight miles distant from him.  It would be strange, therefore, if in the terrible bereavement which has befallen him, in the loss of his son, we should fail to give expression to our heartfelt sympathy and sincere condolence.  The body of the deceased was conveyed today, under military escort; to Brownville for interment.

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