Troy Times

November 3, 1864 - Veteran - 32d O. V. I.

HARKER, ELISHA B.- Troy has furnished another sacrifice, offered upon her Country's altar. Another of her youthful men is numbered among our patriotic dead. Elisha B. Harker was born in this town in 1845, enlisted in the 32d O. V. I., and while with his regiment at the front, near Atlanta, Ga., became ill, and was taken to the Hospital at Marietta, Aug. 25th, where he died of Chronic Diarrhea, Sept. 21st, 1864, in the 20th year of his age.

At the home and social circle, he was affectionate, generous and moral; while in the army his letters have been cheerful, hopeful and patriotic. His widowed mother and her family have received the following testimonial from his commanding officer, Capt. A. G. Barnett: "As a true, brave, and faithful soldier, he could not be ______. He was loved by the whole company, and will ever be remembered by them while he fills the grave of a nation's defender, as do many of his brave comrades."

"Best soldier rest!--thy Country comes,
With tender love and true,
Freely to deck thine honored bed,
Her banner o'er its turf so spread,
And on thy monument to shed,
Fond memory's pearly dew."

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