Troy Times

March 1, 1855

BURGESS, WM. (WILLIAM) E. ESQ. - Died, in Troy, of consumption, on Tuesday evening, at 11 o'clock, Wm. E. Burgess, Esq., aged 30 years--formerly editor and publisher of the Times. Mr. Burgess came to this place from Lowell, Mass., where he had been employed in the Courier office, about two years ago, hoping to find in change of climate, relief from a chronic affection of the lungs. For a year or more he enjoyed comfortable health, and was able to attend to business, and partially so, until about four months since, when he ceased his connection with this office, with the view of more active pursuits. Confined to his house but a few weeks, and only a single day to his bed, his demise was sudden, and unexpected to his friends at so early a date. But the sand of life and run out, and he now sleeps in Jesus, having faith that those who put their trust in Him, He would bring with him at the morning of the Resurrection. About a year ago he married in Lowell, and leaves a disconsolate widow to mourn his untimely death.

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