Troy Times

January 2, 1862

DAILY, WILLIAM - Suicide - On Saturday evening about 3 o'clock our citizens were horrified at learning that Mr. William Daily had just committed suicide by cutting his throat. Mr. Daily had for some weeks, at least at intervals, been insane, and his friends had been keeping watch of him, though of course not anticipating the terrible energy which he showed in making way with himself, or perhaps suspecting that his diseased mind was premeditating self destruction. On Saturday he was thought to be rather better. In the afternoon he shaved himself, and shortly afterward went out to the stable. He had not be gone more than ten minutes when his wife went out to look for him. She immediately saw him lying in the stable door, and her shrieks soon brought the neighbors to the sport. The work had apparently been done with one desperate cut. He gasped but once or twice after he was found. He had two razors with him, and a small looking glass which he had taken from the house was hanging up near where he fell. Mr. Daily has been a resident of this place for about forty years and Miami County had not a more worthy man. He was a hard working, industrious, honest man, a conscientious Christian, and a kind parent. 

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