Troy Times

March 24, 1864

COOLIDGE, WALTER F. - Lamentable Accident - On last Saturday, about 10 A.M. Walter F., son of Quarter Master B. F. Coolidge, was instantly killed by being shot through the heart. He, with a companion, were near Mr. Coolidge's residence practicing with a revolver, when his companion having failed in an attempt to fire it, Walter told him to hand it to him. In passing the pistol from one to the other--the muzzle pointed directly at Walter--it was discharged and in ten seconds he was a corpse. He was in the 17th year of his age, and a young man of more than ordinary promise. We believe he was an only son, and the fourth one the bereaved parents have lost. They have the liveliest sympathies of the entire community in their terrible afflictions.

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