Troy Times

July 11, 1838 

FRENCH, MRS. SARAH - Mrs. Sarah French, consort of Mr. John S. French of Miami County, Ohio departed this life the 23rd day of May, in the eighteenth year of her age.  She was the daughter of Clarkson F. and Sarah Brooks, formerly of Orleans County, New York & she came to this country with her parents in 1836.  She was married to Mr. French fifteen months & 15 days before her death.  She was a kind and affectionate companion to him, who now deeply mourns his loss--always cheerful and very attentive to her parents in their afflictions--and greatly beloved by her parents and a large circle of friends.  But like many others, she had not thought seriously of death and eternal things until her last illness--although she read the Bible with considerable interest and attention for about three months before she died, and appeared to understand what she read.  Five days before her departure she was in great distress about her soul's peace and happiness.  Her mother said to her, "Do try, my child, and compose yourself."  She exclaimed, "O mother I cannot--the pain of the body is nothing compared to the distress of my soul."  She then began to lament that she had lived so careless about religion.  She said that the bed of affliction was not the place to seek repentance and pardon.  She then asked her husband if he thought God would hear her prayers.  He replied, yes, for God has promised to hear & answer prayer.  Then at her request her father French engaged in prayer; and afterwards she continued in prayer until she found pardon and peace in the crucified and bleeding Savior.  She then began to exhort her friends--"not to do as she had done--but to seek the Lord when in health.  She left a young babe sixteen days old.  She gave a solemn charge to her father & mother to raise her child in the fear of God--to teach it to pray--to bring it up in the way it should go, etc.  She then called her friends to her bed side, one by one; & took them by the hand & exhorted them to prepare to meet her in heaven, where parting would be no more and pain and trouble would never come.  "Death," she said, "has no terrors to me--The thoughts of it are sweet--it is nothing to die when we are prepared--She then sung with a loud and feeling voice--a voice sweet and heavenly-- 

"How happy every child of grace,

Who knows his sins forgiven;

This earth he cries is not my place,

I seek my place in heaven.= 

A country far from mortal sight,

And yet by faith I see

A land of rest the saints delight,

A heaven prepared for me." 

After which she lay composed and seeing her friends weeping around--she said

"Why do we mourn departing friends,

Or shake at deaths alarms,

Tis but the voice that Jesus sends,

To call them to his arms." 

"Do not mourn for me--death is sweet in the saints--If it were the will of the Lord for me to live--I would be willing to remain on earth for the sake of doing good--of raising my child--of comforting my husband--but not my will, but thine, O, Lord, be done."  She bore her afflictions with meekness and patience--did not murmur at the hand of God.  She lived five days after she found peace in her Redeemer & continued strong in confidence and hope of an interest in our Lords, and Saviour Jesus Christ.  {Communicated} 

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