Troy Times

July 17, 1851 

FRENCH, MARTIN L. - Drowned - In Lost Creek, near Casstown, on Friday, July 11th, Mr. Martin L. French, in the 21st year of his age.  The deceased was a student in the office of Drs. Potter & Kellogg.  Far from home and among strangers, he ended his sort but promising career, but his truly amiable and gentlemanly deportment, had to endeared him in all his acquaintances, that tears of unfeigned sorrow, from eyes unused to weep, were shed over his untimely fate.  He was a native of Saratoga county, New York, where he left a large circle of relations and friends.  His death will leave a chasm in the circle, which will never again be filled.

Another part of the paper - Martin L. French, a medical student in the office of Drs. Potter and Kellogg, of Casstown (filmstrip unreadable) the 11th inst., in Lostcreek, whither he and a fellow student had gone to bathe.  We learn that Mr. F. while wading about in the creek, fell into a deep hole, which had been formed by an eddy during the high water in the spring, and which, before, was unknown to both.  Unfortunately, neither Mr. F. or his companion could swim.  The companion, when brought to the spot from some distance, was able, by a great effort, to push into the hole a log, which the drowning man at first seized, but was already too much exhausted to maintain his hold.  He immediately sunk to the bottom, and rose no more.  Before help could be procured from the village, life was too far gone to be reclaimed.  Mr. F. was a highly worthy young man, and enjoyed the esteem of all who knew him.  He was a native of Saratoga county, N. York, where he has numerous relations and friends, who will deplore his early death.

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