Troy Times

February 15, 1845 

BARBEE, LETITIA ANN - Died, in this place, on Thursday morning the 22d inst., Mr. William Morris Barbee, and on the Sabbath following, his wife, Letitia Ann Barbee, after an illness in each case of about 5 days.  Mr. and Mrs. Barbee were both regular and consistent members of the 1st Presbyterian Church, and they died, as they had lived, trusting and triumphing in the faith of a crucified and exalted Savior.  The remains of Mr. Barbee were conveyed from his residence to the tomb on Friday, attended by the Mechanics Institute (of which he was a member) and a respectful concourse of citizens.  Mrs. Barbee's remains were conveyed on Monday to 1st Presbyterian Church, where a discourse was preached by Rev. E. W. Wright, to a large and solemn audience, from John 19th, 41st: "There was a garden, and in the garden a new sepulchre."  After which they were consigned to the tomb, attended by a large concourse of citizens. --Tippecanoe (Lafayette, Indiana) Journal. 

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