Troy Times

July 23, 1857 

HALL, JAMES - Killed by Lightning - Mr. James Hall, a man in the employ of S. M. Shaw, Esq., one mile below Sidney, Shelby County, was killed by lightning.  The circumstance, near as we are informed, is as follows: He had just left town on his way home on horseback, as a thunder shower was approaching.  He had been on the road, but a few minutes and opposite Dr. Fielding's property on Ohio street, when both himself and horse were struck by lightning and both were instantly killed.  On the news of the accident reaching town, a number of persons proceeded forthwith to the spot, through a drenching rain.--Both man and horse were found lying in the middle of the road, and no signs of life remained.  Mr. H.'s hat and pocket book were picked up at some distance from where he was lying.  The hat was much torn, and considerably burned.  His clothes and person were also much burned.  The body was brought to town as soon as possible and properly dressed and confined.  Mr. H. was a widower, with two children.  His father resides, some five miles north west of this place--to whose residence the body of his unfortunate son was conveyed in the evening.  A messenger had been sent previously to announce the sad news.  Mr. H. is said to have been a man of excellent character, and generous impulses.  His sudden and unexpected death should remind the thoughtless of the uncertainty of life, and the necessity of making preparation in this world for the world which is to come.--[Sidney Journal]

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