Troy Times

August 2, 1849 

HALL, DR. JNO. (JOHN) - From the Dayton Journal - Obituary - Died in this city, on the 7th inst., after a brief illness from cholera, Jno. Hall, M. D., aged 33 years.  The subject of this notice was a native of this State, having been born in Miami county, where a considerable portion of his life was spent.  When a young man, he removed to Darke county, and subsequently to Dayton, where he entered into co-partnership in the practice of medicine, with his uncle, Dr. Wm. Hall, which continued until the death of the latter, some two years ago.  Last winter he attended a course of medical lectures in Cincinnati, and took the degree of M. D., when he returned to Dayton and continued up to the time of his death, diligently, and successfully employed in the duties of his profession.  From the time the cholera became prevalent amongst us, he, with all our resident physicians, was abundant in labors, hardly finding time at any point for some weeks together to give an unbroken hour's rest to his wearied frame.  Thus he continued, until the morning of the 7th inst., when the dread disease made its first assault upon his own body, and after an ineffectual struggle against it for some eighteen hours, the powers of nature gave way and he slept in death.  Dr. Hall was a good citizen, a generous neighbor, a warm-hearted friend.  As a physician, he was kind and tender, yet prompt and firm, and unwearied in his attention to those who requested his services.  And be it spoken to his praise, that, although not himself a professing christian (a thing which he regretted in his last illness) yet he ever manifested a serious regard for the claims of Heaven, and cheerfully admitted to the bedside of his patients, the herald of the cross to speak a word of comfort and encouragement to the suffering and the dying. 

No farther seek his merits to disclose,

   Nor draw his frailities from their dread abode.

 There they alike in trembling hope repose,

   The bosom of his Father and his God.

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