Troy Times - Veteran - 11th O. V. I.

September 25, 1862

COLEMAN, COL. AUGUSTUS H. - Another of our soldiers is borne home upon his shield. As our readers are aware, Col. Augustus H. Coleman of the 11th O. V. I. was killed in the great battle in Maryland on the 17th inst. It was while making one of those determined charges which have recently attracted the attention of the nation to the gallant 11th, that the Colonel fell.--He lived but about two hours. Col. Coleman we believe was a native of this county. He was a graduate of West Point Military Academy, which institution he entered in June 1862. Promptly responding to the call of his country, when the present rebellion broke out, he volunteered as a private in the Eleventh Regiment, was elected Captain of Company D, and subsequently promoted to the office of Major, Lt. Colonel and Colonel. Plain and unassuming as a man he never thrust himself forward for notoriety--and he was the same as a soldier. He was not calculated to shine in a race for the spoils of office. Commissions sought him--and they always found him doing his duty, wherever he was placed. His courage was of that high tone that is never questioned, and his imperturbable coolness was always with it. His death was a glorious one, and the most heartfelt sympathies of our people are with the mourning wife and children, and the bereaved relatives. His funeral took place on Monday, and he was buried with imposing military demonstrations.

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