Troy Times - Veteran - Captain of Co. H, 11th Regiment and 94th Regiment

October 16, 1862

DRURY, CAPT. JOHN C. - We presume there is no longer room for doubting that Capt. John C. Drury was killed in the battle at Chaplin Hill, Ky., on the 8th inst. No letters have yet been received by his afflicted relatives confirming the sad tiding, but the official list of killed and wounded published today leaves scarcely a hope that there may still be a mistake about it. Capt. Drury was one of the first in this county to volunteer his services, when the present rebellion broke out. He was chosen Captain of Co. H, 11th Regiment, and after serving the three months for which he had enlisted, promptly entered the three years service.--Finding it impossible to get along harmoniously with the (then) Colonel of his regiment, (since discharged the service,) Capt. Drury with a number of his fellow officers reluctantly resigned. That it was not disinclination for the service which induced him to this act, is evidenced by the fact that subsequently on the first opportunity he raised another company for the 94th Regiment; and again entered the service as Captain. As a man, Capt. Drury's genial disposition and manly integrity won him hosts of friends in our community and wherever he was known and as a soldier his gallantry was the admiration of his companions in arms. His afflicted widow and children have the deep felt sympathies of our entire community.

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