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Thursday, June 8, 1905  

Brakeman Killed at Piqua  

Robt. B. Cron, a brakeman on the C. H. & D., fell off a car in the Piqua yards, Wednesday afternoon about 4:30 o’clock, and the wheels run over his legs, badly mangling them.  He died at 10 o’clock Wednesday night.  He was 23 years of age, was a son of A. J. Cron and a nephew of Mayor Cron.

Piqua Daily Call

Thursday, June 8, 1905  


Robert B. Cron Receives Fatal Injuries in an Accident.  


Dies From Shock Following Accident - Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cron - Funeral Friday Afternoon.  

Robert B. Cron, died Wednesday night at 10 o’clock from the effects of injuries received late in the afternoon.  He was a brakeman in the service of the C. H. & D.  He fell from a car and was run over. The unfortunate young man left his home early Wednesday morning to go to his work, being employed in the C. H. & D. yards, under conductor Frank Davis.  The routine of the work was followed in Piqua and in Troy.  The latter part of the afternoon the duties of the yard crew took them into the lower yards near the plant of the American Sheet and Tin Plate Company. About 4:35 p.m. a car was transferred from a siding to the main track.  The switch had been made, Cron being on the car to work the break.  It is said the key refused to hold.  He was jerked and losing his balance, was thrown from the car into the middle of the track in front of the car.  He was struck by the brake beam of the first pair of trucks and rolled to the roadbed.  The second pair of trucks ran over both legs.  The left leg was mangled to the knee, while the injuries to the right were at the ankle.  

Witnessed by Twin Brother  

The accident was witnessed by his twin brother, Roy Cron, who some seven car lengths distant, and other members of the yard crew. The injured man was placed on the yard engine and brought to the C. H. & D. freight house where a call was sent for Wagner, Groven & Co’s ambulance and for surgeons.  Dr. A. B. Frame, the Company Surgeon, answered the call.  He saw that the accident was a serious one and called Dr. R. M. O’Ferrall and Dr. R. M. Shannon to assist him in the operation he saw to be necessary. In the meantime the distressing news of the accident was carried to the home of the parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cron, by the brother Roy Cron, who broke the tidings to them as gently as possible.  The father is an invalid and the effect on him was feared.  

Necessary to Amputate Leg.  

The injured man was taken in the ambulance to his home, No. 210 East Main street.  There the surgeons made an examination and determined the full extent of his injuries.  They found that it would be necessary to amputate the left leg between the ankle and the knee and that the right would have to taken off at the thigh above the knee.  The operation was performed by Dr. Frame assisted by Dr. O’Ferral, Dr. Shannon administering the anesthetic. At first the patient seemed to come out from the influence of the anesthetic in a satisfactory manner, but in a short time it was seen that his heart action was growing weaker.  He never rallied from the shock of the accident and the operation following and died at ten o’clock.  

Did Not Think of Himself  

During the time he was conscious before his death, the greatest solicitude was manifested by the patient for his father and mother.  He repeatedly inquired how they were both bearing the shock and seemed not to think of himself.  His death was a great blow to his parents, and brothers and sisters. Robert B. Cron was born in Piqua December 28, 1882.  He was reared in and had always lived with his parents in the house in which he died.  He was not married.  He was educated in the Piqua schools, entering the High School.  A year ago in July he entered the employ of the C. H. & D. as a brakeman and the following October was transferred to the yard crew.  Working with him was his brother, Roy, who left he employ of the Pan Handle to be with him.  They were twins and between them existed the closest and warmest of brotherly affection.  He was member of Piqua lodge, No. 8 I. O. O. F.  He leaves his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cron, and five brothers and three sisters to mourn for him.  He was a nephew of Mayor L. C. Cron. The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at 3 o’clock from the home on East Main Street.  Interment will be in Forest Hill cemetery. 

Provided by Roger A. Hopkins

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