Miami Union

March 9, 1872 

BARBER, MRS. SARAH A. - At her residence in Troy, Ohio, Feb. 17th, 1872, Mrs. Sarah A. Barber in the 67th year of her age.  She was born in Centerville, Montgomery county, O., but at a very early period in her life she removed to Lost Creek township, in Miami county, where she united with the Lost Creek Baptist Church when she was but nine years of age.  For the last 44 years she has resided in Troy where she has honored her profession by a conscientious, zealous life as a member of her chosen church.  She lived to weep at the grave of her parents, husband and three children, and many loved ones beside.  She was a conscientious Christian woman, and lived mostly for others.  She was a "nursing mother" in the church, and never so happy as when her Master's cause prospered.  She was a zealous worker "and mother to all," said one on the day of her funeral.  Always in her place, when able, at the house of prayer, rejoicing with the saints and weeping and praying for the salvation of her neighbors.  She was a great sufferer during the last year of her life; but the cheerfulness and Christian fortitude with which she submitted was proof that she had a secret fountain from which she brought her supply--a well of living water within.  The church has lost a jewel, the community, a warm hearted friend, and children an affectionate mother.  Her work is done; and she has passed through the gate of death to her inheritance above.  She "fell asleep" as one weary of weeping, turns to rest in a mother's arms.  Beloved friends hush all wishes.  God has sweetly interposed and his touch is love.  She whom you loved longed for infinite solace, and could be content with no earthly covert.  Wandering in quest of peace, she found none till she burst from that fainting body.  She is with the Lord of peace.  There the weary are at rest.  Jesus, whom she loved, met her, not earlier than we expected with the kiss of peace.  He stooped to wipe the moisture of weariness and pain from her brow.  Out of that last fatal swooning, He has taken her in His arms.  He said to her, "Mary," and she answered, "Rabboni."                                               W.

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