Miami Union

August 11, 1910 

ELLIS, MRS. ALICE - Fastening one end of a muslin bed sheet about the post of the stairway banister and then fixing the other end around her own neck Mrs. Alice Ellis of New Carlisle, committed suicide Tuesday morning at her residence by throwing herself over the banister and dying of strangulation.  Her husband, J. W. Ellis, one of the best known farmers of the community, was at his farm in the country while Mrs. Abe Nysewander, who attended her during his absence; had gone to her home across the street to prepare dinner.  On returning with the meal she found the house locked.  She called her husband who finally entered the house and discovered the tragedy.  Mrs. Ellis was sixty years of age and is survived only by her husband.  She was born and reared near New Carlisle.  Some years ago in connection with religious matters her mind became unbalanced and she has since been in poor health.  It is believed discouragement over her condition caused her to take her life.

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