Miami Union

August 16, 1873 

HARTLEY, (SON OF THOMAS) - Killed by Lightning - A boy, aged sixteen, son of Mr. Thomas Hartley, of Monroe township, was instantly killed by lightning on Monday afternoon while working at his home near Tippecanoe city.  Mr. H. and his son were out in the field plowing, when there came a sudden flash of lightning followed by a peal of thunder which shocked the whole neighborhood.  Mr. H. on recovering his equilibrium looked for his son, who was not more than twenty rods distant, and saw both him and his team lying on the ground.  The boy was found to have been killed, the horses were so severely shocked that it was some time before they could walk.  The boy's hat was torn, and a long bluish mark which branched out like a tree, was found extending down his right side, otherwise he was not disfigured. 

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