Miami Union

November 30, 1872 

CORWIN, JUDGE ICHABOD - Death of Judge Corwin - A feeling of sadness and gloom pervaded our town yesterday.  It was caused by the unwelcome intelligence of the death, on Thursday, of Hon. Ichabod Corwin, the able and popular Common Pleas Judge of this district.  For several days previous we had heard through dispatches to the daily papers, that he was lying in a very dangerous condition at his home in Urbana, but still we all hoped that he would rally and recover.  Yesterday's papers, however, brought the sad tidings of his death at 12 o'clock the day before, and put end to the painful suspense.  We shall attempt no eulogy upon the deceased beyond the single remark that he was an excellent citizen, and an able, faithful, capable judge, whose place it will be found no easy matter to fill.

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