Miami Union
November  21,  1895    
DEMMITT, NETTIE WILLARD - "How simple and brief are the outlines of a human life, and yet only eternity can fill out those outlines and make visible the unseen mysteries which we call character and influence."  Nettie Willard Demmitt, daughter of John and Hattie Demmitt, was born at the present residence of her parents in Bethel Township, November 17, 1867, and died at the old homestead, November 4, 1895, aged 27 years, 11 months and 11 days.  In early life she attended the township school, where the foundations for all her future education was laid.  Attending school for two years at Tippecanoe City, she afterwards taught the home school.  Elected as teacher of the intermediate department of the Casstown schools, thither she went for one year; elected to the position for a second year, but declining; she went to Green Cold Springs, Florida, where, after teaching one year, she spent the following year in the Normal Institute.  It was here that she began the study of medicine.  Coming north once more, the following year she attended the Haniman Homeopathic School of Medicine at Chicago, Ill.  Her health failing her she went to Denver.  After a time, apparently restored to health again, she entered the Denver Homeopathic School of Medicine, from which she graduated April 9, 1895.  Appointed by the faculty of the institution as physician of the Homeopathic hospital, she entered upon her life work.  Just prepared to live and to make her life a blessing to others, in less than a month she was stricken down with pneumonia.  Never fully recovering from this attack, she was compelled to resign her position, and on July 6th and went to Webster City, Iowa.  Here unmistakable symptoms of consumption began to assert themselves.  She bravely fought the disease, but in vain.  Realizing her condition, resigning herself to God's will, four weeks ago she came back to the old home place to die.  Her last weeks on earth were seasons of victory and triumph.  Her faith in God was strong.  She had a clear consciousness of sine pardoned and of acceptance with God.  Monday, the 4th, she grew rapidly worse and at noon the end came.  Bidding her friends a last farewell, she awaited the summons.  Peacefully as the evening sun sinks to its rest, her life went out on earth.  With the words, "Come, blessed Saviour," she gave back her beautiful spirit to God and joined her sainted kindred in the skies, in the everlasting arms she fell asleep, trusting sweetly and triumphantly in the fatherhood of God and in the Saviourhood of Christ.  In life and in death, Nettie Willard Demmitt was an inspiration to all who knew her, an inspiration to them for all that is gentle, high minded, pure and devoted in Christian character and life.  The funeral services were held at the Pisgah M. E. Church, Wednesday afternoon, November 6th, and were conducted by the pastor, Rev. E. M. Kinsworth, assisted by the Rev. Mr Gump.  The interment was at the beautiful cemetery at New Carlisle, O., where now all that is mortal of Nettie Demmitt lies waiting the call of the resurrection angel.
"The light of her young life went down,
   As sinks behind the hill,
The glory of a setting sun,
   Clear, suddenly and still."

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