Miami Union

September 13, 1873

 FISHER, JOHN SIDNEY - At the residence of his father in Delaware County, Indiana, John Sidney, son of William and Lana Fisher, formerly of Troy, Miami County, Ohio, aged 7 years 10 months and 16 days.  Johnny was a dutiful son and loving brother, and though young in years, his cheerful face and gentle manners had made him a large circle of friends.  He was a boy of far more than ordinary promise, and apparently in good health, but the destroyer had marked him, and after an illness of thirteen days, he passed away, thus reminding us in language stronger than words can utter, that while the old may die, the young may.  We may well say--

 None knew him but to love him,
   None named him but to praise;
 But now he's gone to Jesus,
   There to learn his ways.    
 Patiently the little sufferer,
   His heavy cross did bear,
Till Jesus pitied him, and took him,
   The heavenly crown to wear.
And now we'll place our hopes

 In Heaven beyond the skies;
Remembering that Jesus claims our brightest laurels to decorate his throne in Paradise.

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