Miami Union

November 22, 1873 

DAVIS (DAUGHTER OF ISRAEL) - Accident and Death - A little girl, aged about two years, daughter of Mr. Israel Davis, of Covington, O., met with a sad and untimely death at that place on Monday.  the Gazette says: "The mother of the child was busy in boiling some pumpkin butter in a large kettle, having built a fire in the yard for that purpose.  Needing some water, she shut the unfortunate child and an older sister in the house, and started with a bucket to go to one of the neighbors.  In her absence, the children came out and advanced towards the fire.  The younger of the two fell face foremost in to the hot fire.  The older one attempted to remove her from the fire, but had her own hands so badly burned in the attempt that she was obliged to desist.  She then raised the alarm, and her mother hearing her cries, hurried home, unconscious of the evil that had befallen her darling child.  When she reached home, the sight that met her gaze paralyzed her for the moment, but she soon recovered her senses.  She tore the burning clothes from its body and did everything in her power to alleviate its suffering, but all in vain.  The poor child, suffering the most intense bodily pain, lingered until about six that evening, when the Angel of Death came to its relief."

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