Miami Union

December 8, 1910 

DOHNER, MISS SARAH - After an illness of a few days, Miss Sarah Dohner, daughter of Mrs. Mary Dohner of Pleasant Hill, passed away there after severe suffering with Bright's disease.  She was loved and respected by all who knew her for her kind disposition and sterling Christian character.  For several years she was a teacher in the Newton township schools and this term was teaching in a school just east of Pleasant Hill and while her health was failing for several weeks, she was so interested in her work that she did not leave her school room until Friday of last week.  Sunday she was very ill and after all the care that loving hands could give, became unconscious Monday afternoon and remained in that condition until the Death Angel came Tuesday afternoon.  This came as a shock to the pupils of her school, who dearly loved her as their teacher.  The surviving members of the family are the heart-broken mother and one sister, Mrs. Barbara Berger of Pleasant Hill, and one brother, Phillip Dohner of Gordon.  The funeral was held Thursday morning at 9:30 o'clock at the Brethren church in Pleasant Hill, conducted by Rev. Hoover of West Milton and Rev. C. A. Ashman of Pleasant Hill and the interment was made in the cemetery near West Milton.  

Miami Union

December 15, 1910 

DOHNER, SARAH JANE - Pleasant Hill--Sarah Jane Dohner was born in the vicinity of Union, Ohio, January 27, 1875.  She passed from this life to eternal possessions on December 6, 1910.  Measured in terms of time her stay among us was 35 years, 10 months, and 9 days.  At the age of thirteen she became "a new creature in Christ" and allied herself with the Brethren in Christ working faithfully in this church during the remainder of her stay on earth.  For fourteen years she imparted knowledge and molded character in the public school room, all of these efforts being expended in the same county save one year's teaching in Darke county.  She looked upon her teaching as an opportunity to do good as was witnessed by her drawing lessons from her visit to the incorrigible in Dayton and imparting them to her scholars.  Her nieces and nephews, five in number, were objects of her deep affections and service.  As a Sunday school worker and Christian Endeavor member she exerted a deep and far-reaching influence.  At one time she felt called to work for Christ in the foreign field, but received permission thru prayer to care for her earthly parent.  Her devotion to her mother partook of the sublimity of her devotion to her Father in Heaven.  She was patient, kind, gentle, loving and lovable.  Last June she was annointed according to James 5:14.  From that time she seemed to know that her stay with loved ones was short and put everything in readiness so her departure would be in peace.  She died of diabetes.  The funeral was conducted at the Brethren church Thursday at 10 o'clock a.m. being in charge of the Rev. John Hoover, assisted by Rev. Charles Ashman.  The audience was an unusually large and sorrowful one.  Flowers in great abundance and beauty covered the casket in mute evidence of esteem from various friends and relatives.--Rev. Charles H. Ashman.

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