Miami Union

January 29, 1870 

FITCH, MISS JULIA A. - In Jeffersonville, Indiana, on Tuesday last, after an illness of a couple of weeks, Miss Julia A. Fitch, sister of Rev. C. W. Fitch, D. D., formerly Rector of St. James' Church, Piqua, but now Army Chaplain at Fort Wayne, Detroit, Michigan.  The announcement of the death of this lady will convey painful tidings to every one who knew her.  There were few just such persons among the living.  We have known her some twenty-three years, and can truly say we never knew any person so thoroughly unselfish and deeply devoted to the welfare of others.  A truer Christian, one more devoted to the cause of religion, or more sincere and scrupulous in the practice of every Christian duty, we have never met.  But a few weeks ago she left her home at Detroit on a visit to a nephew at Jeffersonville, and on her way spent a few days with the family of the editor of this paper, and with friends at Piqua.  We little thought on bidding her good-bye then, that we should never see her again.  But so it is: death takes the good as well as the bad.  Few purer spirits than that of Miss F. ever passed from earth.

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