The Miami Helmet

Thursday, January 9, 1879  

GRAHAM – On the 23d ult.; of Membranous Cronp, Minnie-Ostella, daughter of Wm. C. and Minerva Graham, aged 4 years and 3 days. The deceased was a lovely little child, the joy of her parents and the pet of a host of friends.  A bright and active child; buoyant with health, and joyous spirits, until croup, the scourge of childhood made its appearance, when in a few short days the spoiler set his seal of silence.  Alas! how could it be, that Death would not forbear to lay his icy hand on thee? She has gone from loving hearts; in innocence and purity with a smile the signet ring of Heaven upon her marble cheek, she sleeps the quiet sleep of death; her bright young spirit free from earth’s cold chains.

     “How blessed are those, whose transient years,

       Pass like an evening meteor’s flight;

      Not dark with guilt, nor dim with tears,

      Whose course is short, unclouded, bright.”

     Fond parents stay your tears;

    The blessed above

     Have hailed a spirit’s heavenly birth, 

    With a new song of joy and love.     


Provided by Roger A. Hopkins

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