Miami Union

February 17, 1866 

BROWN, (SON OF B. F. BROWN) - B. F. Brown, Esq., late one of our county Commissioners left here this week for Alexandria, Louisiana--high up red River--for the purpose of bringing home the remains of his son, a soldier, who died at that place during the memorable Banks expedition to that point.  The journey is a long one, but Mr. B. who is an excellent man of fine feelings could not be content to let the remains of his beloved and patriotic son, who was also a very worthy young man, rest in that far off clime.  We wish him success in his undertaking and a safe return.

Miami Union

March 10, 1866 

BROWN, JOSEPH - B. F. Brown, Esq. arrived home on Tuesday last, from Red River, near Alexandria, with the remains of his son, Joseph Brown, who died 8th of May 1864, on board of the Gun-Boat Carondolet, of Typhoid Fever, and was buried at that place.  His funeral took place here to-day.  Mr. Brown was accompanied on his sad mission by Mr. Alanson Hamilton, of Urbana, Master's Mate of the Carondolet, who attended young Brown during his illness, and also assisted in his burial.                                                           F.

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