Miami Union

June 17, 1871 

DABUS, Mr. & Mrs. JOHN - A man named John Dabus, some sixty years of age, residing at Mr. D. C. Statler's stone quarry, about a mile and a half this side of Piqua, shot his wife on Monday last killing her instantly, and then shot himself fatally, so that he died some seven or eight hours afterwards.  The woman was Dabus' third wife and he had been married to her about a year.  They did not live agreeably together, and had lately agreed upon a permanent separation--Dabus obligating himself to give the woman a certain amount of property and money.  He had notified her to come to his house that morning and get her goods.  She went and a disagreement ensued, which led to the killing.  We have known John Dabus well for some fifteen or sixteen years.  He was a man of violent temper and exceedingly vicious disposition, and a man addicted to strong drink and of brutal habits.  Hence we are not at all surprised at what he did.

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