Miami Union
October 25, 1900

Jean Freeman, second daughter of S. R. and Frlzca Fergus, was born July 25th, 1886, and departed this life October 18th, 1900, aged 14 years, and was buried Oct. 20.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Hale of Dayton and the interment was at Bethel Cemetery.  Her sickness was of a short duration.  Everything was done that love and medical skill could dictate, but heart failure set in and Jean's sweet soul passed from its fair earthly temple unto the God who gave it, a precious jewel to shine as a bright star in Heaven Forevermore, leaving a memory so sweet, without spot or blemish that her loved ones feel,

T'is better to have loved and lost,
Then never to have loved at all."

The beautiful flowers, fitting emblems of her life, tributes of admiring friends, were tenderly placed about her, lovely roses and carnations, she lying among them like a pure white, stately lily, the fairest flower of all, gathered home by the Savior's hand to rest in his bosom through all eternity.  Her sweet life and character are known to the whole community, where she lived; where "none knew her but to love her."  Jean's character was an exceptionally bright, happy and pure one.  So tender and loving in the home circle, so bright winsome and affectionate among her companions, so kind and sweet to her elders, so thoughtful of others, so forgetful of self.  Her personality touched everyone with whom she came in contact  The emanation of a pure loving heart constantly surrounded her.  She lived her love for her Master daily, by word and deed.  She crowded a whole life of sweetness in a few short years.

Over the river the boatman pale
Has carried another, our household pet.
Her brown curls waved in the golden light,
Darling Jean, I see her yet.
She crossed on her breast, her dimpled hands,
And fearlessly entered the phantom bark!
We watched her glide o'er the silver sand,
And all our sunshine grew strangely dark.
We know she's safe on the other shore,
Where all the ransomed and angels be,
Over the river, the mystic river,
Your Darling's an Angel waiting for thee.

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