Miami Union

January 4, 1912 

FREEMAN, ISAAC - Isaac Freeman, a retired farmer and pioneer resident of New Carlisle, died Friday at his home in that village after an illness of four weeks, the cause of death being a complication of diseases.  For many years Mr. Freeman was interested in the nursery business and conducted his business on a farm just west of New Carlisle.  He was a very active man, was interested in many enterprises and was widely known.  Mr. Freeman was born in Miami county, not far from New Carlisle, and for years lived on a farm near that village.  He was 79 years old and is survived by his widow and three children, as follows: C. M. Freeman, secretary of the National grange; W. H. Freeman, of Dayton, and Mrs. Grace Tenney of Toledo.  The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence.  Dr. Wood, former pastor of the New Carlisle Presbyterian church being in charge.  Burial was made in New Carlisle cemetery.

 Miami Union

January 11, 1912 

FREEMAN, ISAAC - Tribute to Isaac Freeman.  Brief mention was made in the Miami Union last week of the death of Isaac Freeman at his home in New Carlisle.  Mr. Freeman was a man of unusual strength of character, was always a builder and had left more than the usual impress on his community.  At the funeral a sincere tribute was paid to his life and character which is copied here in part.  "The life of our friend and neighbor was an active one.  His love for horticulture was pronounced and every tree and vine seemed to receive his notice, and following this trend, his chief occupation was that of nursery man, and seldom have we seen a man pursue his work with more zeal and loyalty of purpose.  While he was a busy man he did not forget to cultivate his moral and spiritual nature.  Early in life he recognized a Divine Hand and was for many years a member and officer in the Presbyterian church of New Carlisle.  He gave much of his time to the building up of his community in a social way.  The school had no better friend and his activity in the Grange was an expression of his desire to better the condition of his fellowman.  As a citizen he was conscientious and patriotic and during the Civil War he enlisted with those who were called to take up arms to defend our country."

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