Miami Union

May 30, 1912 

GROH, HENRY - While speeding north at the rate of 40 miles an hour, C. H. & D. passenger train number 10 due at Piqua at 8:05 struck a horse and buggy driven by Henry Groh of Troy, at the Statler crossing south of Piqua, Sunday night, instantly killing him, strewing the tracks for a distance of 400 yards with portions of his body.  The horse was thrown 50 feet, squarely against a telephone pole, splitting it to within 15 feet of the top.  The body was completely wrapped around the pole and entirely disemboweled.  The buggy was reduced to a mass of twisted iron and splinters and hardly a spoke was left uninjured.  The body was horribly mutilated and bore slight resemblance to a human form.  It was declared by persons living in the vicinity that the engineer blew the whistle several times but the man apparently paid no attention whatever.  The body was taken to Piqua where it was viewed by Coroner Ullery Monday morning.  It was later removed to Troy, where he had lived three or four years and was employed by Jos. Blevins, the transfer man.  He was about 40 years old.  The body was taken to Newport, Shelby county, Tuesday afternoon.  He had two sisters who reside at Newport; Mrs. Michael Loy, and Mrs. Jacob Wurst.  He has also a brother who resides near Versailles and Mrs. John Pfefifer of Piqua, is another sister.
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