In Memoriam. 

In memory of the death of Hattie Cron, who died at Piqua, February 17, 1888, of spinal meningitis, daughter of L. C. Cron, aged 12 years, 6 months and 20 days:

Dear ones, in your anguish mourning,

   Thinking almost with despair,

Ever More before your hearthstone

   There will stand one vacant chair.

Thinking how, as duties press you,

   And the dreary days go on,

You will miss the loving presence

   Of the one forever, forever gone.  

How at evening you will listen,

   As the footsteps pass the door,

For one step upon the threshold

   That will never cross it more.

We are mourners in your sorrow;

   We are sharers in your grief;

We would speak some word of comfort,

   Gladly would we bring relief.

 A precious one form us is gone;

   A voice we loved is stilled;

A place is vacant in your home

   That never can be filled.

Yet again we hope to meet her,

   When the days of life have fled,

There in Heaven with joy we’ll greet her,

   Where no farewell tears are shed.

                                                 A Friend.

 Provided by Roger A. Hopkins  

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