Dayton Daily Journal
February 6, 1902

GEORGE E. EBERT, a tobacco caser, employed by Wolf & Lukaswitz, tobacco dealers, died at the Deaconess hospital at about 7 yesterday morning as a consequence of injuries in an accident at the warehouse late Tuesday afternoon.

According to statements, Ebert, in order to shorten the journey to and from the warehouse and his home which is located in the rear of the plant, was in the habit of crawling through a window in the engine room and alongside a fly-wheel. He had been warned repeatedly, it is said, of the danger. In the attempt to crawl through the window Monday evening on a return trip from his home he slipped and fell against the fly-wheel. One leg was broken and he was otherwise injured.

He was removed to the Deaconess hospital where he was attended by DRS. FIFE and BARKER. The injured leg was amputated subsequently. Ebert was unable, however, to withstand the shock, his death occurring several hours later.

The injured man leaves a widow and three children, two daughters and a son.  He had been in the employ of the company for a number of years and was greatly esteemed.

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