Miami Union

November 2, 1911 

FORRER, G. H. - G. H. Forrer, 30, married, of Springfield, died at Dr. Coleman's hospital Wednesday evening as the result of injuries received during the motorcycle races at the Miami county fair grounds in the afternoon.  Forrer was contesting in a five-mile race and was riding at terrific speed.  For some unaccountable reason he failed to take the turn on the back stretch and dashed straight into the fence.  By the time spectators reached him he was almost drowned in blood which poured from an ugly wound in the top of his head.  The injured man was rushed to this city in an automobile and was operated on by Drs. Shilling and Francis who found that his skull was fractured at the base.  He died about nine o'clock without having regained consciousness and without even recognizing his wife and two children, who arrived shortly before the end.  The body was removed to Springfield Thursday morning.

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