Miami Union

September 29, 1911 

FREE, FERNANDO M. - Casstown--A distressing accident which resulted in the death of Fernando M. Free, occurred at Casstown Tuesday afternoon.  Mr. Free was helping his father-in-law, Henry Hart, to get a load of hay into John Boak's barn.  It was the intention to stop the loaded wagon outside the barn so as to unload.  Mr. Free was on top of the load and was driving.  When the team reached the open barn doors it plunged forward before the front wheels could be blocked as it was intended and Mr. Free was caught by the low heavy beam over the door before he had a chance to escape.  In an instant he was being rolled over and over upon the hay with his chest crushed and suffering much internal injury.  The team was stopped as soon as possible and the victim of the accident was taken down and carried to the Boak home.  It was seen at once that nothing could be done for him.  Physicians were summoned, but the fatal beam had done its deadly work.  Mr. Free lived almost an hour after the accident.  His wife was called to his bedside and, realizing his condition, Mr. Free said that all was well and soon afterward sank into the sleep of death.  The victim of this terrible accident was about 50 years of age and was one of the well known farmers of Lostcreek township.  He retired from active farming a few years ago and took up his residence in Casstown.  He was a director in the Farmers' Savings Bank of Troy and an Odd Fellow.  He leaves a wife and one son, besides four brothers and seven sisters.  Being industrious he had acquired quite a competence and had a large circle of friends.  He was identified with the Baptist church.  The funeral services which were largely attended were held in the Casstown M. E. church Thursday afternoon and were conducted by the Rev. Wm. Bagby, the Baptist minister of Fletcher.  

Miami Union

October 12, 1911 

FREE, FERNANDO M. - Remorseless time with sickle keen encompasses all mankind, and reaps them at his will.  Today we record briefly some of the ____________in the life of a dear friend and brother, who is the full noon-day of life, has been called from the busy toil of temporal life into the realm of the spirit word; and again we realize the truth of the Scripture, "How unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out."  Fernando M. Free was born Sept. 18, 1859, in Staunton township, Miami county, Ohio, and was called from earth Sept. 24, 1911, aged 52 years and 8 days.  He was married to Mary Hart Jan. 31, 1884.  To them was born one son, Harry.  He and his bereaved mother are left to mourn the loss of a kind father and devoted husband.  Mr. Free was a member of Union Baptist church, having given himself into the Master's service in early youth, age 17.  Of his immediate family seven sisters and two brothers are still living.  The father and mother preceded him into the world beyond.  It can truly be said that he was a substantial citizen, a kind neighbor, always ready and willing to aid those in need of help.  While he was of an unassuming character, not seeking the praise of men, yet he will be sadly missed, not only in the home, but in the social and business life of the community.  Let us cherish the noble qualities of his life, and may we learn the lesson so well given by the poet: "Act well you part, there all the honor lies."  The summons came with startling suddenness, but he was enabled to leave to his friends and loved ones the evidence that all was well, and that, while he lingered on the brink of the Jordan, his grace was sufficient. 

                                                     How brittle is the thread of life!

                                                     How soon may our earthly house be dissolved!

May we so live that we may know that we have a building of God.  A house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.  And to the family and friends let us say that, although the realization of your loss comes to you with a bitterness beyond the consolation of human sympathy, may you look unto Christ the great burden bearer and be comforted.

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