The Miami Helmet

Thursday, March 27, 1884

 GRAHAM – At half past one o’clock, on Sabbath morning, March 23, 1884, at her residence on River Street, Mrs. Elizabeth Catharine Graham, wife of N. Graham, aged 46 years and 11 months. For more than a year the insidious foe, consumption, had been preying upon her, and when the grim messenger came, she was found ready.  Death was welcome.  Though she would have remained longer for the sake of her loved ones, yet the fields seemed very green and very inviting on the other shore, and now, the toils, the cares, the sorrows and afflictions of earth are at an end and she is at home where the fear of death, the chill of winter and the wasting of disease come no more.  Rest, weary one, the Savior hath called thee to rest.

Provided by Roger A. Hopkins

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