Miami Union

March 21, 1868 

CURTNER, M. A. - A shocking accident occurred at the Morris House in this town on Tuesday evening.  A young woman named Curtner, employed in the house, undertook to lean on, or slide upon the balustrade in the third story of the building, when she went over, falling to the first floor.  She was badly injured and was picked up in an insensible condition in which she remained about twenty-four hours, when she died.

Troy Times
March 19, 1868
CURTNER, MISS M. A. - On Tuesday evening, about 8 o'clock, a terrible accident occurred at the Morris House.  Miss M. A. Curtner, one of the employees of the hotel, is attempting to slide down the railing of the stairs, lost her balance, and fell to the first floor--distance of about thirty-five feet.  Her scull was fractured, her collar bone dislocated and broken, and she probably was seriously injured internally.  She died the next night at about 11 o'clock.
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