Miami Union

June 15, 1911 

BAUGH, CLARK - Lena--Our community was again shocked Friday by another railroad accident.  Messrs. Clark Baugh and Reed the pump man of St. Paris, after repairing a pump of A. B. C. Deaton just east of town, started for home and as the south track is filled with empty box cars, they did not see the west bound freight which was running about 50 miles an hour and was upon them before any signal was given.  Mr. Reed jumped out the back part of the wagon and fell beside the track, received only a slight bruise on the arm but Mr. Baugh was caught and thrown about thirty feet and the top of his skull was torn off and he was almost instantly killed.  As the engine struck the front wheel of the wagon just back and below the seat, the mule and one horse escaped with only a few scratches.  Mr. Baugh was highly respected and was about fifty years of age leaving a wife, one daughter, Mrs. Clifford Verdier, and one son about eight years old.  The family has the heartfelt sympathy of this community.  This does not bring back the life, but there seems no doubt but that they will receive the greatest damages as these box cars are supposed to be 100 feet from the crossing and these were found to be only 63 feet.

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