Miami Union

July 25, 1912 

DAVIS, CHARLES - Blind, paralyzed from the waist down and dependent on public charity for the past four or five years, Charles Davis, 45, an inmate of the county infirmary, committed suicide by slashing his throat with a razor in the presence of several other inmates at 1:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon.  Infirmary inmates are not permitted to keep razors in their possession but most of the men shave themselves and Superintendent Gibson had no reason to think anything was out of the ordinary when Davis requested the use of a razor on Sunday afternoon.  Securing the keen edged instrument Davis at once drew it across his throat and dropped to the floor with his neck gaping from ear to ear and the jugular vein severed.  Several other inmates witnessed the deed but were powerless to prevent it.  Dr. C. A. Hartley was summoned but in spite of heroic efforts the man died at four o'clock.  It is claimed that Davis was brought to the infirmary about five years ago from Union township where he had been leading the life of a gypsy.  So far as is known he had no living relatives and very little is known of his past history.

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