Miami Union

March 7, 1912 

BASHORE, CAROLINE - Pleasant Hill--In the faraway state of California when the gold craze was of the greatest excitement, on May 7, 1856, there was born into the home of Eberhart and Louisa Maier their second child, in whom was given the name Caroline.  The home was at Stockton.  The parents had but recently come to America from Germany and after but a short stay in New England had made the long and dangerous journey to the Far West by way of the Isthmus of Panama.  Caroline was but yet a child when the long and difficult return journey was made to the East, and the permanent home was established in Miami county, near Covington.  For a number of years her father owned the woolen mills of that place and it was here that their family of five girls and three boys were reared.  Of this eight children, four still live--Mrs. Louis Kriegbaum, of Springfield; Mr. Charles Maier, of Covington; Mrs. Emma Mansfield, of Sharon, Ohio; and Mrs. Barbara Kriegbaum, of Arizona.  On the twenty-eighth of February, 1878, Caroline Maier was united in marriage to L. O. Bashore.  To them were born three children, Mrs. Emma Sinnick, Mrs. Louise Hoffman, and Forest who died in infancy.  The Bashore home was on a farm just west of Pleasant Hill all the married life until four years ago, since which much time has been spent in travel.  It was there that the mother endeared herself to the hearts of her husband and children and won the warmest friendship and the truest admiration of those who knew her.  She was every mindful of these minor matters which pertained to the comfort of her loved ones and the right of others.  At the age of twelve she was confirmed into the Lutheran church, and on March the seventh 1891, she united with the Christian church at Covington.  A few years later she and her family united with the Christian church here at Pleasant Hill, to which they have since given their earnest co-operation and services.  Mrs. Bashore was a member of the Mite society also.  During the past summer in her far-away Canadian home, she was especially devoted to her Bible and her mind seemed to swell much on religious things.  It was in this beautiful faith and readiness that she sweetly fell asleep on the evening of February 28, 1912, near the setting of the sun and at nearly the same hour that just thirty-four years before she had stood at the marriage altar with her husband.  The funeral services were conducted in the Christian church at Pleasant Hill by Rev. Alva M. Kerr, on March 2, 1912.

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