Miami Union

March 22, 1879 

COPPOCK, (SON OF ALLEN) - Killed by a Horse - A young lad, aged about six years, son of Mr. Allen Coppock, met with a sudden and violent death on the Dayton & Covington Pike, near Ludlow Falls, last Saturday afternoon.  The circumstances, as we learn them from a gentleman from that locality, were as follows: Mr. Coppock desired to send a note to Mr. Duncan, who lives on the Pike south of Ludlow Falls, and directed his older son to take a horse and ride to Mr. D's home.  The younger son also asked to accompany his brother, and after much coaxing his mother reluctantly allowed him to do so.  The boys had completed their mission and were returning home, and when near Ludlow Falls, the younger was in some means jolted from the horse and fell to the ground, his horse striking him in the head with its hoof and fracturing the skull.  Mr. Allen Fouts, who was passing along in his buggy, saw the little fellow fall and hastened to his assistance, picking him up and carrying him to a neighboring house where he died in a few moments.  The sad occurrence was a terrible blow to Mr. and Mrs. Coppock, who a short time before saw their loved one ride away, the picture of happiness, to be so soon returned mangled, bleeding, lifeless.  They have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in their sudden bereavement. 

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