Miami Union

March 22, 1879 

ALBAUGH, JESSE - A Violent and Sudden Death - Mr. Jesse, youngest son of Mr. Noah H. Albaugh, of Bethel Township, who was aged about 17 years, met with a shocking and violent death last Tuesday.  Mr. Albaugh is proprietor of the Hill Home Nursery, just east of the river from Tadmor Station, and on Tuesday began hauling trees from his Nursery to the railroad for shipment.  His son Jesse and another gentleman were on the first load started for the railroad, and were on the descent of the hill west of the Nursery when the accident referred to occurred.  By some means the upright at the forward end of the wagon which supported the trees gave away, and Jesse was precipitated to the ground.  Exactly how he received the terrible injuries which caused his death is not known definitely, as the gentleman who was on the wagon with him at the time, and who saw him fall is unable to state, but when found a moment or two afterward, he was grasping the whiffle-tree with one arm with a death grip.  His head was horribly mutilated, his tongue and part of his jaw being torn off.  As he fell, together with some of the trees on the wagon, the team started a little and turned off the main road to cross a culvert leading into Mr. Mark Allen's tile kiln, and the supposition is that Jesse's head was caught either under the edge of the culvert or on the splintered ends of the planks.  He was a young man of unexceptional reputation and standing, and his untimely and terrible death was an almost crushing blow to a large number of relatives, and a much larger number of friends and acquaintances.  His funeral took place from the Hall of Poplar Grove Grange, awas as very largely attended.

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