Miami Union

January 12, 1878

BULL, WM. (WILLIAM) - The many friends of Mrs. Lillie McKinney Bull, of DeGraff, daughter of Judge A. L. McKinney, of Troy, were pained to hear of the sad bereavement which betel her last Wednesday in the death of her husband, Mr. Wm. Bull, who was wounded on Tuesday afternoon by the accidental discharge of his gun while out hunting. The circumstances of the sad affair are narrated to us by a friend of the family as follows: Mr. Bull, in company with some friends, went out hunting on Tuesday, as above stated. While in the woods about three miles from town the party separated. Presently Mr. Bull's companion heard the report of a gun and heard him cry out in distress. They ran to him and found him prostrated with a fearful wound in the right breast and shoulder, and bleeding profusely. He had a double-barreled shot gun, one barrel of which he was in the act of loading when the other barrel was discharged by some means he knew not how, but supposed he neglected to remove the cap from it, and that the hammer was thrown back by being caught in a weed as he raised the gun. His companions bandaged his wounds as best they could and conveyed him to the nearest farm house, from which he was taken to his home and medical aid summoned. The wounded man had become thoroughly chilled by the time he reached home, and this, with the shock to his system, and the action of the poisonous lead in his blood, deranged his stomach so that it would retain no medicine or nutriment, and the wounded man sank to his death--living about nineteen hours--which took place at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning. He was a young man who had the respect of all who knew him, and was a member of the firm of ---& Bull, druggists, of DeGraff. His sad death cast a gloom over the town in which he was so well known and liked, and is a terrible blow to his young wife of only four months. To her the people of this vicinity extend their heartfelt sympathy. Mr. Bull was buried at DeGraff yesterday.

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