Miami Union

November 13, 1875 

HARTER, SABIN M. - Last Sunday morning after Sabin M. Harter had dressed for Sabbath School he felt unwell and did not go.  About noon he felt still worse and the Doctor was sent for and gave him some medicine, and he appeared better, but Sunday night he was quite sick.  Monday morning the Doctor came again, and found him quite sick with inflammation of the bowels.  He applied remedies without any avail.  Two other physicians were called, and they, with many friends, did all they could, but the disease continued on until Thursday morning at 6 o'clock he died.  During his sickness his mind was clear and unclouded; he expressed faith in Christ and spoke of the promises, and urged old and young to meet him in Heaven.  He had many friends and classmates, most all of whom went to see him at his request.  He talked to each one and urged them to meet him in the other world, with a clearness, cheerfulness and faith that is rarely seen in one of 16 years.  He was 15 years, 4 months and 21 days old.  The funeral will take place at the M. E. Church to-morrow (Sunday) at 2 P. M. 

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