Miami Union

July 24, 1875 

BOSSON, MARY - The Old, Old Story - Coal Oil--Explosion--Fire--Death - Another of those fearful accidents, which are so common, through the result of thoughtlessness, must be added to the long list this week.  This time the victim is not a young, thoughtless, giddy girl, or extremely careless boy, but a lady of ripe age, experienced and practical.  That one who had passed through life and was on the very verge of another world, should meet with so shocking an end in the face of all experience, is particularly deplorable, and is calculated to set the speculative mind at work again on that mysterious 

"Divinity that shapes our ends." 

The circumstances are not unlike most others.  Aunt Mary Bosson, a well known and highly respected maiden lady, aged about 75 years, aunt of Mrs. David Kelly, and who was living at Mrs. Kelly's, on Walnut street, while making a fire for dinner Thursday, brought into use the proverbially fatal coal oil can with the usual result of an explosion.  She was completely enveloped in flames in an instant.  Mrs. Powers, her sister, was the only person in the house at the time, Mr. & Mrs. Kelly and the children having gone on a visit the day before.  The screams of the two brought in assistance, and attempt was made to smother the flames and pull the burning clothes from Miss Bosson, which was not accomplished until she was frightfully burned.  Medical aid was promptly summoned and everything possible done to relieve the suffering woman, but all human aid could do was to partially allay her sufferings.  She died after about four hours intense suffering.  Miss Bosson was buried at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon.

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