Miami Union

April 25, 1874 

GIBBS, RALPH - Killed by the Cars - A LITTLE BOY FALLS BETWEEN THE WHEELS OF A FREIGHT TRAIN - Another of those shocking accidents, so common in this country where a young life is suddenly cut off by the cars, occurred in Troy, at a few minutes after eleven o'clock on Saturday morning last.  The victim was Ralph, six-year-old son of Mr. R. Gibbs.  It seems that he was on an errand which took him in the vicinity of the Railroad Warehouse, and was standing on the platform of that building watching a freight train doing some switching in close proximity to the platform.  It is difficult to determine exactly how he became entangled with the cars, as there are many contradictory reports, and a little companion who was with him was too badly scared to give any intelligible account.  One plausible supposition is, however, that he was not hanging on the cars, but merely standing near by, when the wind blew his hat on the platform of the "Caboose," and in attempting to get it he was knocked to the track by being struck by the iron railing of the moving car.  His head and arms were severed from his body, and he was otherwise so horribly mutilated that he was only recognized by friends from the clothing.  He was a bright, intelligent, lovable little fellow, the pet of his school mates, and the joy and hope of his parents, who in their sad bereavement have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.  Within the last two years this is the second accident of the kind that has occurred in that immediate vicinity--the other a little son of Jos. Henne, was killed under nearly the same circumstances.  Although in neither case have railroad officials been in the least to blame, still they cannot be too strict about keeping children away from the vicinity of trains.  Parents will give their blessings to all effort in this respect.

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