Miami Union

October 31, 1874 

CUMMINGS, EDWARD H. - At the residence of Wm. Knick, in Casstown, on Saturday, Oct. 17th, Edward H. Cummings, in the 20th year of his age.  Disease, epilepsy, resulting in congestion of the brain.  The record of death just written is one of peculiar sadness, and has drawn tears from many eyes unused to weeping.  A young man beloved by all who knew him, has been cut down by the unsparing reaper, and a family circle, not far from the sounding sea, is broken.  Three years ago Ed--as we familiarly called him--reached Casstown; a stranger, in search of employment.  His face being the true index of the noble character he bore, he found work and friends.  He soon became the valued friend of many; but to few more valued than to the writer.  But in the midst of usefulness death suddenly struck him down, and on Sabbath a large concourse of people followed his remains to the tomb.  Dying far from father, sisters and brothers, his death is very sad; but kind hands smoothed his dying pillow, and sympathizing friends watched the unconscious one.  He was a consistent member of the Union Baptist Church.  His heart bore no ill will to any one, and he was living so that the world might be proud of the manhood just maturing for its battle.  His sister Nellie came from Massachusetts to find the clods of the valley upon him--too late to kiss the face absent so long from home.  In Society here his place cannot be filled, for-- 

"None knew him but to love him,
None named him but to praise." 

To the writer he was especially dear, and in his heart is the loss deeply felt.  A life like Ed's is worth living, and we cannot but think that the friend so suddenly torn from us lives beyond the dark stream, near the One who called him.  His grave shall not lack for flowers.  So long as his loss darkens the New England home, it will be felt here--forever by the giver of this humble tribute.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Weddell, of Dayton, and were very impressive.                                                                     King 

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