Miami Union

July 30, 1870 

MR. DANIEL CAIN - On Friday of last week, Mr. Daniel Cain, a tenant on the farm of Mr. J. C. Coate, in Newton township, while engaged in helping one of his neighbors thrash wheat, met with an accident by which he lost his life.  His part of the work consisted in hauling wheat from the field to the machine.  He had hauled a load up near to the machine where he left his team and walked to the side of those at work.  While there his horses became frightened and he started hurriedly to them.  In so doing he had to cross over the main shaft connecting the horse power and machine.  As he did so he was caught by it.  One leg was torn entirely off at the knee, and his other leg and arm broken.  Thus mangled he lived about six hours.  The deceased leaves a wife but no children.

Stillwater Valley Gazette

July 28, 1870

DANIEL CAIN - Fatal Accident - A man named Daniel Cain, aged about 60, was so badly injured on Friday last, that he died in a few hours. He resided on the farm of Jonathan C. Coat, near Pleasant Hill, and was assisting Jacob Bashore to thresh with a machine for Emanuel Rench. Cain's pantaloons became entangled in the tumbling-shaft of the machine, and his right leg was absolutely twisted off, his left leg also broken. The unfortunate man was also injured internally; and although good surgical attendance was ------ (dashes mean paper was cut off) did not rally after the injury.

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